Engineering and Projects

Engineering and Projects

We work alongside with contractors, project promotors, and government authorities,  throughout the entire project life cycle in  the sectors of water, transport and renewable energy.​

In addition, knowing the needs of companies, we have developed a line dedicated to Facility Management. Through technology, processes and people we improve the quality of life and productivity of people and customers.

Our lines of action:

  • Construction Engineering and Project Management.
  • Project Development and Design Engineering.
  • Facility Management.

Project Development and design engineering

We support Project Owners and Developers with engineering support, best project management practices, business development expertise, and financial knowledge, in all phases of infrastructure and energy projects from conception to operation and maintenance.

Facility management

Companies need efficient Facility Management services that allow them to focus on their core business while retaining high standards on their facilities and working conditions.

FOCE’s Facility Management team, through a combination of  technology, processes and people, actively improves the quality of life and productivity of those customers and workers.​

Construction engineering and project management

With this set of skills, FOCE is a valuable partner for the Contractor who needs to secure new contracts and to deliver their projects with quality, on time and within budget.​

  • Experience in major infrastructure projects​
  • A team of skilled engineers with Contractor background​.
  • Healthy mix of knowledge and dynamism.